Famine meaning in tamil

n. வெறிப்பு great eagerness, longing, as a consequence of privation விபத்தம் வற்பம் பஞ்சம் n. நெருங்கு to crowd, to approach, to approxi mate, to be close as relation ship நெருக்கிடை tyranny, severity, intensity, vehemence, pre valence as of a disease தேசோபத்திரவம் which are five: 1, water, sickness, death, general and national distress துர்ப்பிட்சம் n. தத்தளி as one drowning, to be in consternation or trepidation, to be in a dilemma க்ஷாமம் கருப்பு dearth, scarcity கதம் moving, progres sion, anger, displeasure, wrath, fury, scarcity உபத்திரவம் tribu lation, suffering either of mind or body, tyranny, oppression அவகாலம் unpropitious time, time of public calamity as death, epidemic a. அள்ளு given to the man who mea sures, to take up a handful, lade Usage of famine 1. Most gallantly he has laboured for them against famine and disease.
2. This is the scene of periodical famine .
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : aiding weapon or instrument - கையுதவி third for gold or riches - ஈடணை sarvvarasa - சரவாச்சம் degraded - நறுமா purse string - சுருக்கு

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