Gap meaning in tamil

n. வெடிப்பு fissure, explosion, bad smell 4 n. பிளவு slit, crevice, fissure, fracture, part, division, portion, piece நீம்பல் cleft, chink between two boards நீங்கல் separating, chink நீக்கம் removal, disen gagement, liberation, opening, interstice, chink திறந்தவாய் open mouthed, as an idler, broaching secrets, disclosure of private matters சந்து joint, articulation of the body, hips, place where four ways meet Usage of gap 1. The gap in the area was bad enough . Online English to Tamil Dictionary : encompass - வளை to open - . விள்ளு of which there are several varieties - கோட்டான் third of the sixty years of the hindu cycle - சுக்கில peak - மலையுச்சி

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