Garland meaning in tamil

வேய் leaves, to cover in, as a building, to put on, as a crown, to decorate வாசிகை string of flowers மாலை wreath of flowers, gold, string of beads, poem of several parts மாலிகை string of flowers, things that stand in a row, < n. பிணையல் couple, pair, two or more cattle, fastened together, hinge n. பிணையல் couple, pair, two or more cattle, fastened together, hinge தொடலை 2, play in general தார் wreath, chain, chap let, flower, blossom, flower bud, string of bells for a horse சூட்டு adorning with a crown, head dress, imputing, bringing about சுக்கை passage money or freight on a ship சரவை transcript not compared with the original, error, blunder, in writing to be corrected சயம் victory, success, tone, virtue, sun, coarse sugar, water lily இலம்பம் pendulum, complement of the latitude or are between the pole and the zenith of a given place which is the same as the altitude of the equator இண்டை flowering shrub அலர் open as a flower, to spread or be diffused as the rays of the sun அலங்கல் wreath அரி separate larger and smaller bodies with the hand, sieve, riddle அணி garlands, clothes, to adorn with or naments, beautify, embellish Online English to Tamil Dictionary : streamer or flag of a car - சருத்தி author of the above - கல்லாடர் transcendency - உத்துங்கம் clearness of a gem - . தெளிவு mince - துண்டி

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