Gateway meaning in tamil

வாசல் புகுடி salt river, arm of the sea தோட்டி <, door, gate, town on the sea shore, surounded by salt marshes தொளை to bore a hole, to tease, hole, orifice, aperture, perforation தூம்பு channel, gutter, sewer, head of a channel for irrigation, bambu துளை to play or dive in water, to roll in the sand, to enjoy, have fruition of Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to join the lips as in fants when they begin to make articu late sounds - இதழ்கூட்ட sometimes causing blindness - கபாலநீர் entire insensibility - சுழுத்தி range of mountains - மகேந்திரம் half a watch - அருத்தசாமம்

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