Gather meaning in tamil

சேர் combine, unite, associate, to mix, admix, incorporate, amalgamate சேகரி assemble, to provide, furnish, secure, prepare, procure, acquire சேகரம்பண்ண to provide, make preparation கிரகி enfold, take, seize, grasp, to apprehend, conceive, per ceive a. ஈட்டு acquire, procure, obtain, to collect, amass, accumulate, store up அணை hold, clasp in the arms, adhere to, to join, bring or put to as earth to a tree Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to work witchcraft - சூனியம்பண்ண imparting of spiritual illumination - ஞானதீட்சை young of deer - பார்ப்பு dramatic tamil - நாடகத்தமிழ் circular pad of straw for the head - சுடுவு

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