Idea meaning in tamil

பாவம் natural state, state or condition of existene, conception, imagination n. நினைப்பு reflection, recollection, remembrance, imagination, conception நிகா aim, no tion தோற்றம் visibility, perceptibility, conspicuousness, prominence, distinctness குறி intend, to contemplate, consider, think, to imagine, to conceive கருத்து object, design, intention, purpose, motive, wish, desire, inclination Usage of idea 1. G. C. De, and the idea that the great-grandchildren of Mr.
2. It was a new idea but it answered the purpose.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to indulge one - இடங்காட்ட wooden frame of a plumb line - தூக்கு supreme soul god - பரமாத்துமா territory of a sovereign - அரசு any mark of a blow or stroke - சுவடு

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