Igno rance meaning in tamil

மௌட்டியம் folly, destitution of spiritual wisdom, < மாழை beauty, collec tion, accumulation, lump of metal, leaf of palm tree பிரமை know ledge exempt from all error, <, wandering, bewilderment இருட்டு beclouded, be deprived or light, darkness, dark, cloudiness அறியாமை அஞ்ஞானம் heathenism, spiritual ignorance, worldly illu sion, belief in external appearances Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to lift up the eyes - பார்வைசெல்ல tree smelling like ordure having medicinal properties - பீநாறிமரம் to be come weak - . வாடு also names of things indicating a whole as distinguished from parts - இயற்பெயர் with the finger nails - . வறண்டு

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