Illusion meaning in tamil

முப்பொருள் god, soul மித்தை appearance மால் delusion, aberration of mind, dullness, stupor, vishnu, argha மாயம் unreality of the visible world, hypo crisy, trick, outward garb மறல் delusion, kind of dance, hatred, dissension, height, elevation மருள் be wildered, deluded, to fear, to be timid, delusion, bewilderment of mind மனக்குருடு illu sion, mental blindness, ig norance பொய்மை falsity, unreality, that which is counterfeit, artificial புற்கம் secularity, fault, defect பிராந்தி unsteadiness, wan derings of the mind, bewilderment, obscuration of the understanding தியக்கம் exhaustion, prostration, drooping from hun ger or heat, swoon தமம் gloom, mental darkness, as obscuring the soul, hiding duty from view செருக்கு giddy, to be stupified, faint, to have nausea, from taking strong areca nuts செப்படி sleight of hand from the practice of striking a cup on the ground with the ball under it சழக்கு splash, gush, ignorance, lie, falsehood சளம் transitoriness, deception, chala, unsteady, falsehood, fraud கைதவம் cheating, roguery, falsehood, gambling கூடம் hall, open room, building, side room or rooms, adjoining the main room of a hindu house கண்மாயம் sudden appearance and disap pearance as of a phantom, thing stolen உருவெளி other objects, visionary object, chiefly applied to the supposed sight of an absent lover உன்மத்தம் delirium, delusion, insanity, infatuation, stupor induced by drugs or incantations இளமை tenderness, im matureness, juvenility, infancy, indiscretion இருள் to darken, to grow dark as at the close of the day, to become obscure as a heavenly or luminous body அறிவறை destitution of spiritual knowledge, delusion, infatua tion அத்தியாசம் Online English to Tamil Dictionary : matter of surprise - இறும்பூது goblin - பேய் to anchor in or near the harbor - துறையடுக்கப்பிடிக்க to present sweet meats to children - நட்புகாட்ட prefixed - பெய்துரை

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