Illustrious meaning in tamil

n. விளங்கு to shine, to be clear, to be understood, to become renowned மாண்டார் great மகாப்பிரபு holy person பிரகாசி to radiate, to yield brilliance or splendor, to be mani fest சீரியர் good, virtuous, poets சிறந்தோர் renowned, wealthy, ascetics who have renounced the world, relatives n. சிற beautiful, adorned, magni ficent, splendid, to be graceful சிரீ goddess of fortune, prefix to the names of deities, great persons Online English to Tamil Dictionary : right kind or best of the class - சாதி to consider or devise measures - பருவம்பார்க்க to be exactly opposite to - நேருக்குநேராயிருக்க name of a celebrated courtezan in the time of avvyar - சிலம்பி usage especially in language by classical wri ters - . ஆட்சி

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