Jar meaning in tamil

பாத்திரம் cup, pot, plate, men dicant's vessel, for alms, eating vessel தாழி pot, vessel with a wide mouth, for washing, churning or other purposes தக்கர் ஜாடி சாளிகை bag with a certain sum of money சாடி rebuke, to bruise, crush, to slander, abuse, calumniate, to bend to and fro n. குலுக்கு jolt, concussion, affected gestures, foppish airs, to shake as a vessel n. அராவு polish, to grate as in the friction of two pieces of metal Online English to Tamil Dictionary : voluntarily - dv. மனோற்சாகமாய் to ask for a loan of money - கடன்கேட்க goods of inferior quality - இளைப்பமானசரக்கு igno rance - மௌட்டியம் early in life - காலை

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