Jaunt meaning in tamil

பவனி going in state, parade, as prince, deity, riding or going for recreation சாரி movement, course, riding, going in a vehicle, taking a drive for recreation கேளிவிலாசம் ramble in company with females, jo viality of a company, amusement n. உலாப்போதல் strolling, taking an excursion n. உலாத்து moving to and fro, going and coming, short journey, ramble உலா moving about for recreation or exercise, ramble, excursion Online English to Tamil Dictionary : whether vowel or consonant - அளபெடுக்க to cut along - . கதுவு wise discourse - கூர்மையானபேச்சு bhoja - போசன் to continue as property or prosperity - . தங்கு

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