Jewels meaning in tamil

மதாணி apparel, ornaments பூஷணம் naments, < பூட்டு fastening, clasping, to lock, fasten, button, hook, to attach horses or bullocks புனை to dress, to put on clothes, flowers, to ornament, adorn, decorate புணாரம் பணிதி ornaments, trinkets, jewelry, adorning, decoration, transacted நிரசவஸ்து as gold, silver, clothes நகை to smile, to laugh at, to deride, to ridicule, to laugh contemptuously or sarcastically தூக்கு lift up, raise, take up, hold up, to weigh, to balance, to hang தண்டு to exact, to gather, to recover debts, rents, taxes, dues, contributions in money சோமாறு commonly from a number or in veriety, to exchange an article in dealing சிறுவாடு realized from those savings a. கழற்று unfasten, loosen, unhang, unhinge, unlock, unhook, unbolt, unrivet கலம் hollow utensil as a cup, plate, eating vessel, commonly brass கட்டுப்பூட்டு உடைமை possessing, having, owning, thing possessed, property, possessions அணிகலம் dress அணி garlands, clothes, to adorn with or naments, beautify, embellish Online English to Tamil Dictionary : strings are drawn through the sides of the loins - அலகுபோட distinct - புறம்பு alms box - உண்டியல் narrow and difficult path - சுரம் gods who never sleep nor wink - இமையவர்

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