Joint meaning in tamil

a. மூட்டு provo cation, articula tion, knuckle, bri dle or bit of a horse a. பொருத்து junc tion, confluence, joint of the body, joint of a tree, suture பூட்டு fastening, clasping, to lock, fasten, button, hook, to attach horses or bullocks சந்து articulation of the body, hips, place where four ways meet கரணை knots in trees, small trowel, sugar cane or anything of a simi lar from cut in pieces cross wise கத்து bawling, chattering, unmeaning or idle talk, vain babbling n. இசைவு agreement, compactness, fitness, unity, har mony, joining, connection Online English to Tamil Dictionary : monstrous or horrid shape - கெட்டரூபம் trident mark - சூலக்குறி to be ridden or driven - . உகை iron ramrod - அச்சுக்கம்பி to repair to a place as a sage - எழுந்தருள

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