Keenness meaning in tamil

பூ to blossom, to put forth germs, to be, to become, to gather mould நிசிதம் meanness, vileness, ignominy தீட்சணம் sharpness, acuteness, penetration, as of the intellect, powerfulness n. சுணை smart, twinge, as from the roughness of rice stems, sting of a nettle கூர்மை sharpness, point, sharpness of sight or intellect, penetration கூர் brackish, harsh, to be sharp as the edge or point of an in strument கடி bite, to bite, bite off, crop, gnaw, nibble, grasp with, hold in the mouth எஃகு stretchable, to become stretched or drawn out, to become unfastened ஆர்மை sharpness, wall அயில் taking food, to cat, drink, take food, sharpness, javelin, steel Online English to Tamil Dictionary : as a traveller - சேர்ந்துவிட to lose - போட்டுவிட harsh speech - வன்சொல் ethical writings - நீதிநூல் to parch grain - பொரிபொரிக்க

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