Kill meaning in tamil

துலை to exhaust, ய, to be exhausted, to terminate, distance, great distance a. செகு சிதை spoil, mar, waste, mutilate, to abrogate, abolish, annul, resound சட்டுப்பண்ண waste, injure, devour, consume கொல் slay, murder, to deprive mercury of its metallic properties by oxi dation உயிர்மாய்க்க commit suicide, to murder அதமாக்க a. அடு approximate, come in contact with, to be near, close, adjacent Online English to Tamil Dictionary : feverish state of blood - இரத்தக்கொதி cloth steeped in a medical preparation and put in the mouth for a sore throat - அடைசீலை desire after milk as an infant - பால்சோட்டை fran coline partridge - கபிஞ்சலம் as the hair as cattle - ஒதுக்கு

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