Killing meaning in tamil

n. வெட்டல் digging, 2 வியாபாதனம் murder முருக்கு to ruin, to melt, dissolve, to kill, kind of tree of rapid growth n. முருக்கல் melt ing மாரணம் slaughter, killing by magic or enchantment மறம் vice, evil, sin, murder, strength, power, military exploits பிஞ்சகம் life taking, feather பராசனம் murder நெருங்கல் threat, throng, press நூழில் forming into heaps, climbing, turning plant, parasitic, leafless plant நிடூதனம் slaughter நிசாரணம் slaying, mur dering, < நிக்கிரகம் confinement, arrest, restraint, punishment, discipline, as inflicted by kingly or divine power நிகாரணம் slaughter, w n. தொலைத்தல் n. தேய்ப்பு rubbing in, as oil, 2, wearing away, wasting away by rub bing n. செற்றல் detesting, narrowing n. செறுவு subjecting n. செறுப்பு n. செறல் hating, anger சிசுவதை causing abortion, hatya சங்காதம் reduction of the world to the primitive atoms, five steps forward in succession with the feet close together n. கோள் having, receiving, seizing, influencing, columny, aspersion n. கோறல் destroying, கொலை slaying, slaughter, murder, assassination, butchery, guilt of killing காதை narrative, word, message, errand, news, uttering, declaring காதம் slaughter, mur der, involution, indian league, distance of about ten miles காதகம் taking away life, harassing, torturing காசனம் slaying n. ஓச்சல் chasing, driving ஊறு flow as water in a well, to issue, to soak, to be steeped, pickled இமிசை slaughter, pain, affliction அருப்பம் first sprouting of the hair on the upper lip of a young man அத்தி murder, tree whose fruit is eaten and the leaf, fruit and bark are medicinal அணங்கு to desire, to fear, to suffer, be in distress, inferior deity Online English to Tamil Dictionary : bamboosa arun dinacea - மூங்கில் first calving of a cow - கன்னியீற்று different parts on which sacred ashes are smeared - நியாசம் barge - சலங்கு tangled uncombed hair - பறட்டைமயிர்

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