Lad meaning in tamil

பிள்ளையாண்டான் youth, boy பிள்ளை infant, male or female offspring, son, youth, title suffixed to the name of males in some families of the vellalar caste பாலியன் boy, male infant பாலகன் youth, boy under five or seven, according to some, sixteen years சிறுவன் boy, youngster காளை young bullock, young man, youth, man in his prime, headman in desert districts இளையவன் junior, young person, skanda, lakshman the younger brother of rama இளவல் youth Online English to Tamil Dictionary : juice of which is sometimes used for coloring the writing on olas - கையாந்தகரை to insert a brand in the roof of a house as an incendiary - கொள்ளிசொருகுதல் be polite - . ஆசரி to continue hanging - ஞான்றுகொண்டிருக்க thoughts of the past - முன்னெண்ணம்

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