Lament meaning in tamil

n. பரிதபி to compassionate, sym pathize with, to yearn over, to regret n. துயரு sorrow, to be in a state of suffering a. சலி to grieve, regret, deplore, to be weary, to be come exhausted கவல் concerned, distressed, to be in anguish, to regret, sorrow ஆவலி long for, yearn after, to weep, cry, to gape, row, range, continuous line n. அவலி be distressed in mind, to regret, weep, be moan n. அழு cry, to bewail, to whine, to low, bellow, as a cow for its call Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to transfer ones responsibilities - சுமையிறக்க to apply for refuge or protection - அடை consume - . பொசுங்கு balls used in the game - அம்மனை predominance of the senses over reason - செருக்கு

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