Lamp meaning in tamil

விளக்கு brighten, to render conspicuous, to declare, to illustrate தீவிகை தீபிகை தீபம் commonly one lighted, figure in rhetoric, fifteenth lunar asterism சுடர் burn brightly, shine, as a heavenly body, to sparkle as a gem கம்மல் dimness of a gem, of glass, spectacles, cloudiness, haziness ஒளி conceal, put out of sight, secret, cloak, to keep a thing unrevealed இராவணம் Online English to Tamil Dictionary : azure colored rudra - நீலருத்திரன் to persevere - . முயலு disgraceful calumny - கொடுங்கோள் to flow excessively as lochial discharges - துவாலையிறைக்க with ceremony the first fruits on an auspicious hour - புதிதுண்ணல்

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