Land meaning in tamil

மண் beau tify, decorate, to wash, to clean by washing, decoration பார் to look at, to view, to notice, to look or search for, to seek நிலைமை property, charac ter, condition, state of affairs, state of one's feelings நிலம் soil, earth, earth, world, country, province, appropriate place நாடு inquire after, pursue, to desire earnestly, to examine, to investigate தோட்டந்துரவு well தேயம் anything given, name, country, district, place, location, room தேம் scent, fragrance, odor, honey, honey in flowers, toddy, country தேசம் territory, region, district, province, place, 3 தறை to hammer the head of a nail or the point of a spike after fixing on the nut தரை to strike, earth, world, soil, earth, ground, head of a nail ஜமீன் சமீன் ground கேத்திரம் shrine, any place of pilgrimage as benares, country காணி right of pos session, hereditary right, landed property, estate உலை vex, agitate one as a demon, to distress as a fever, to ruin ஈரங்காண Usage of land 1. At thirty or thereabouts, one feels old in this land of letters.
2. Public land was provided for all these colleges.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : steadfast look - ஒருபார்வை particle denoting speed - ஐயெனல் any food except rice - பதார்த்தம் personifying the god of fire - புதிது physio logy - தத்துவசாஸ்திரம்

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