Languid meaning in tamil

n. ஞொள்கு become weak, faint, tired, worn out, to fear, to timid, be agitated n. ஞெகிழ் to waver, wander as the mind, to become loose, to be dull, inactive சொக்கு heavy, dull, sleepy, to be en chanted, fascinated, captivated Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to set up or establish a school - பள்ளிக்கூடம்வைக்க certain military weapon round and missile - சகஸ்திரதாரம் when the eclipse is sup posed to begin and religious duties are to be attended to - உவாவறுதி who acknowledges its validity by tying the marriage symbol round the neck of the new bride - கட்டுத்தாலிகட்ட daily rain - நித்தியமழை

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