Languish meaning in tamil

n. தொய் to droop, faint, pine, grow weak, to be weary, to be fatigued n. தியங்கு droop, to be dejected, pensive, sad, to be deluded, to have the mind engrossed by objects of sense and ignorant of spiritual things n. சோஷி to faint சோகி swoon, to sorrow, to grieve, to be depressed in mind, snake catcher or danger n. சுழலு spin, eddy, swing round, turn on an axis, to be rotary, to turn as the wheel of a carriage Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to kill out right - சாகக்கொல்ல under whose auspices nannool was composed - கங்கன் any ma terial being or evolution in nature - சிட்டி said to be born of a lotus flower in the holy tank of conjeveram pagoda - பொய்கையாழ்வார் box or other receptacle - . ஒடுக்கு

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