Mail meaning in tamil

வாரவாரம் வாரணம் obstacle, coat of armor, shield, jacket, elephant, domestic fowl பாசம் bandage, fetter, cord, rope, noose, as a weapon of siva, brahma பரணம் woven silk, support, maintenance, wages தபால் tapal தடை obstacle, impe diment, interruption, objec tion, coat of mail தகை to stop, to obstruct, to cheak, to restrain, to forbid, to interdict சன்னாகம் either or iron, thick quilted cotton கவசம் jacket or coat of mail, incantation repeated for defence Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to weed - . பறி to brand marks upon cattle - குறிசுட as armies - பாளையமெழும்ப first place - முதலிடம் cavern or sub terraneous room - அரம்

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