Make meaning in tamil

பஞ்சமகாயக்கியம் five special sacrifices or oblations தோற்றுவிக்க make evident or visible, to present to view or to the mind தை stitch, seam, as an article of dress, by sewing, to mend, to nail தா to give, in general not to a third person, to grant, to bestow கோமயம் properties or peculiarities of a cow, anything cow like whether in appearance a. கற்பி instruct, instil knowledge, to create, fabricate, construct உருவாக்க shape, fashion, mould as the work of a smith or mason, to repair இயற்று effect, per form, execute, bring about, cause to take place a. ஆக்கு create, effect, to cook, to mature, to raise one from obscurity Usage of make 1. E. C. Arnold thinks it, and that most masters make it.
2. They make no trouble at home.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : decaying - . மங்கல் that which is not acceptable - ஏராதது liver - நல்லீரல் running plant - செந்நாடிக்கா office of a mi nister - அமைச்சு

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