Nail meaning in tamil

கீலம் pin, spike, flame, lambent flame, <, incision for salting, cutting கழல் shoe, handle, lock, leaf, hair, knot, part of any mechanism உருவத்தைக்க to nail through, transfix, to pierce, pass through as a thorn ஈடாட to be loose as a tooth, spokes of a wheel, to joggle ஆணி principal or transcendent qualities, kind of corn on the feet Online English to Tamil Dictionary : mount fabled in the ramayana for its restorative roots or drugs - சஞ்சீவிபர்வதம் younger brothers wife - மச்சினி to deprive others of their property - . கவளிகரி to be fettered - பூண் short horned beast - பிடிக்கொம்பன்

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