Name meaning in tamil

பேர் remove, to become loose, to be detached, to leave, depart, remove a. பேராளன் renowned personage பெயர் displace, dislodge, unseat, transpose, abstract, to turn over பெயரெடுக்க to mention one's name, to assume an appearance, character, to acquire a name நெடுஞ்சொல் compound word, character, renown, disgrace, of long standing நியதிப்பெயர் epithet நாமம்தரிக்க have, be invested with, to give a name, to wear the vaishnuva mark நாமம் appellation, especially of a deity, vaishnuva sectarian mark on the forehead தேயம் anything given, country, land, district, place, location, room கீர்த்தி celebrity, glory, renown, reputation, good character, distinction என் pronounce, express, do, indicate, either by words or signs இலாஞ்சனம் sign, symbol, seal, signet bearing the name or symbol of the owner இசுமு ஆக்குவயம் appellation, term ஆக்கியம் appellation, term அபிதானம் appellation Usage of name 1. This individual's name has never been revealed .
2. Excommunication, the expunging of a name from the register, is a rare event.
3. The allottee whose name was at serial No.
4. The name is pronounced as if it were spelled "fah-keer".
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to give directions for the expenditure of a sum - செலவுசொல்ல licker - நக்கி astacus nigri cans - கருவண்டிறால் to preserve its life - . மூக்குக்குத்துதல் to clean ones self with water after stool - கால்கழுவ

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