Narrowness meaning in tamil

வள் point or edge, strength, beauty, leather thong, sheath of a sword நெருக்கம் straitness, tightness, closeness, crowded state, as that of leaves நனி prefixed as an adverb or adjective, principally the former சங்கடம் contractedness, straits, difficulty, trouble, gate of bars placed outside the garden door n. கைமுடக்கம் to afford or defray expenses, 2, want of room for the free use of the hand or arm n. கஞலல் rising, elevation, severity, quickness, sign of displeasure a. ஒடுக்கு contracting, closing, compression, corner to creep into, to reduce n. ஒடுக்கம் straitness, closeness, contraction into itself as the tortoise உறுப்பு limb, member of the body, parts, features, body, part of a whole compo nent part n. உறுபு costiveness, thickness, abundance, plenty இடைஞ்சல் closeness, oppres sion, tyranny, persecution, obstruction இடுக்கிடை n. இடுக்கம் confinement, affliction, adversity, straits n. இடுகு closeness, to become slender, strait, confined இடக்கர் terms of things or actions, too obscene to be named openly அரி separate larger and smaller bodies with the hand, sieve, riddle அகலக்கட்டை want of breadth Online English to Tamil Dictionary : disu nion - நிம்மந்தம் red coral - பிரவாளம் simpletons - பேதையர் ill be havior - விமார்க்கம் singleness - பிரத்தியேகம்

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