Pain meaning in tamil

வேதனை affliction, annoyance, vaxation வாதை torment, plague, sickness, < வாதனை impediment, knowledge of pleasure and pain, experience through the senses வல்லை sickness, quickness, smartness, speed, flight of time, fort வருத்தம் affliction, suffering, annoyance, any kind of sickness யாதனை anguish, agony, torment, pun ishment inflicted by yama, his mi nisters பையுள் adversity, lowness of circumstances, distress, suffering பீழை affliction பீடனம் affliction, distress, inflicting pain, <, affliction, distress பீடனம் affliction, distress, inflicting pain, <, affliction, distress பிறவித்துன்பம் sorrow, mis fortune, attending the state of birth பாடுபட to endure hardship, trouble, to take pains, to labor hard, to try n. பரி carry, sustain, to preserve, to watch, to part, to break, to separate படர் to proceed, to extend as a creeping plant, to over run, to over spread நோவு hurt, anguish, disease நோய் sickly, diseased, broken in constitution, debilitated, to be sickly as trees நோசல் நோக்காடு under, ache, throe, throb, pang, agony, pangs of child birth நோக்காடு under, ache, throe, throb, pang, agony, pangs of child birth நோ to ache, feel pain, smart, be uneasy, to be hurt, bruised as the body நொவ்வு to be in pain, to become slender, thin, emaciated, thinness நைகரம் distress தோதகம் uneasiness of body or mind, immodesty, lewdness தூனம் affliction, 2, < துயரம் grief, sadness, trouble, compassion, calamity, distress, affliction துனி sorrow, distress, ills of life, disease, suffering, protracted love quarrel துக்கம் distress, grief, sadness, regret, dejection, anguish especially of the mind தாவு to jump up as if catcvhing at an object over head, to spread தாபமாயிருக்க to suffer inconvenience, from heat தா to give, in general not to a third person, to grant, to bestow சனிவேதை சகாயம் assistance, aid, suc cor, relief, ease, alleviation in distress கிலேசம் distress, sor row, anguish, grief, care, anx iety, pain of mind கவலை anxiety, solicitude, regret, sorrow, distress, afflic tion n. கசிவு greasiness, moisture as of land, sugar, salt, furniture, tenderness ஐயோ pity, grief ஏவு order, give directions to, to incite, stir up, prompt, stimulate a. உழ learn by practice, to exert energy, use endeavors, per severe n. உளைப்பு calling உயவல் affliction, suffering n. உயக்கம் distress, grief n. இறை lave, irrigate, draw and pour out, to cast forth, to give liberally இமிசை slaughter, affliction இன்னல் distress, affliction, injury இட்டளம் sor row, weakness, languor, lassitude இடர் distress, calamity, sorrow, misery ஆற்றாமை impatience, voracity, voraciousness, insa tiableness ஆர்த்தி affliction, sorrow one become born a woman, neat, cow or bull, cow, she buffalo அவலம் feebleness, suffering, sorrow, distress, extreme sympathy, fainting n. அழுந்தல் humiliation the state of being sunk, sinking, suffering by a disease n. அலறு vociferate, roar with grief, bellow as a cow for its calf, to scream அரித்தை sorrow n. அயர்வு width, fainting, languor, weariness, drowsiness, affliction அபிகாதம் wounding, torture அனுக்கம் moaning, suffering, distress, grief, lethargy, indo lence, fear அணங்கு to desire, to fear, to suffer, be in distress, inferior deity Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to release from watching - காவல்விட lord or kinnaras - கின்னரர்பிரான் nourish - . ஓம்பு poem celebrating the praises of a god - சமுகவிலாசம் dispel - . போக்கு

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