Pair meaning in tamil

யுகளம் brace, < யமளம் brace மிதுனம் as much again, union, copulation, gemini of the zodiac, species of bird n. பிணையல் couple, two or more cattle, fastened together, hinge, garland துவந்துவம் couple, brace, two united துயம் couple, banner, flag துணை convoy attendant, aid, help, succor, support, resource, protection தரவழி sort, class, assortment ஜோடு சோடுகட்ட to make a set, couple, match, fellow or mate சோடு couple, brace, set, coat of mail, equality, likeness, simi larity in person சதை stout, ய, prop, flesh, pulpy part of fruit, set n. கூட்டம் combination, meeting, union, contact, confluence, crowd, multitude உவளகம் zenana, interior part of a mansion appropriated to women, surrounding wall உகளம் brace, couple உகம் day, any one of the four yugas, age of the world, end, couple இணை unite, conjoin, adjust, combine, to couple, join in pairs, fasten together Online English to Tamil Dictionary : well beam - துலாம் lovers touching the body of his mistress - . புள்ளோச்சல் any animal - . பசு fid gety - துடிதுடிக்க to feel repugnance or dislike - . நாணு

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