Palankeen meaning in tamil

வையம் fourth lunar mansion, car, carriage, bullock cart, conveyance in general யானம் vessel, ship, < தண்டு to exact, to gather, to recover debts, rents, taxes, dues, contributions in money தசம் < சிவிகை litter, dooly, bullock carriage n. குலுக்கு jar, jolt, concussion, affected gestures, foppish airs, to shake as a vessel ஊர்தி conveyance in general, whether carriage, horse, elephant, as in hindu mytho logy அணிகம் litter Online English to Tamil Dictionary : domineer - தொத்தியேற helper as useful as an arm - புயத்துணை incalculableness - சங்கையில்லாமை well used by brahmans - dv. நண்ணாய் to rub down sandal wood into a paste - சந்தனமுரைக்க

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