Palm tree meaning in tamil

வடி to strain, to filter, to filtrate, to distil, to make clear by decanting liquor from the dregs மதனகாமேசுரமரம் தித்தி to be savory, delicious, kind of flute, pipe, 2, light eatables குறுக்குத்தாளி convolvulus gemellus காமமரம் cycas circinalis கசங்கு bruised, rubbed as a leaf, between the hands, fingers, to fade as a handled flower Online English to Tamil Dictionary : probably from sivas using the skull of brahma - மண்டை childrens play - பாலலீலை white kind of rat - வெள்ளெலி constructed wholly from the cocoa tree - குந்திராத்தோணி to learn how to manage business - காறுபாறுபடிக்க

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