Quality meaning in tamil

வாசி to play on the lute, other musical instrument, to learn, horse வண்மை liberality, good quality, property, beauty, reputation, celebrity மயம் beauty, sans crit affix expressing nature, pos session, property மனத்திட்டம் of any quantity, distance பெற்றி natural property, kind, character, description, manner, order பிரகாரம் property, nature, essence, manner, mode, way, means, likeness பிரகாசம் shining, splen dor, radiance, reflected light, lustre, sunshine பால் 5, side, region, quarter, point of compass, part, portion, share பான்மை property, state, division, portion, class, that which is proper பாடு to chant, to hymn, to warble as birds, to hum as bees or beetles பரிசு donation, public present, wicker boat like a large basket covered with leather a. படித்து state, disposition, condition, having learned படிசு condition, due proportion நுணித்தல் property, disposition நிலைமை property, charac ter, condition, state of affairs, state of one's feelings நிலை become fixed, established, to be permanent, lasting, durable நிறம் tinge, hue, tint, complexion, dye, tincture, light, splendor தொறு multitude, collection, assembly, herd or flock, cattle, abandance திட்டமறிய degree, standard, to know certainly, to ascertain the extent of one's learning தாரி to suffer, o endure, wearer, sustainer, one who wears a crown தனம் gold, wealth, substance, property, affirma tion, quantity, plus தண்டி castigate, scourge, punish for correction, to cut off, to sever தகைமை way, order, method, mode, nature, state, condition, greatness தகை to stop, to obstruct, to cheak, to restrain, to forbid, to interdict n. தகவு fitness, suitability, adaptation, property, state, condition சூனியம் conjuring, sorcery, magic, enchantment, 2, vacuity, vacuum சீலம் kind, manner, state, disposition, inclination, temper, good conduct சீலத்துவம் good state சீர் comeliness, fairness, grace fulness, prosperity, opulence, wealth சால்பு nobleness, dig nity, fulness, dispo sition, energy, perseverance சாடை reference, hint by word, gesture, look, beckon, wink, indication n. கோள் having, receiving, seizing, influencing, columny, aspersion குண்ணியம் nature, property, disposition குணம் attribute, property, disposition, temper, nature, good quality கிழமை decrepitude, old age, propriety, right, appertaining of duties to individuals ஊழ் decay, to wither, fade as flowers, to decay as flesh, fruits உழுவல் cus tom, natural rights, proper course of proceeding, kindness இலஞ்சி lake for irrigation, navel, disposition, temper, rat snake இலக்கணம் property, inherent, natural or distinguishing characteristics n. இயல்பு property, natural or essential quality, instinct, genius, conduct இயற்கை dispo sition, inherent or primitive quality, ability, influence அமைதி peace, stillness, calmness, submission, obedience, sub jection n. அதிகரி enlarge, excel, exceed, surpass, to be aggra vated, excessive Usage of quality 1. Its keeping quality is good. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : on shares - வாரத்துக்குவளர்க்க to put a case or covering on fruits - கூடுகட்ட customs handed down from antiquity - பழையமாமூல் after pressing - பிண்டி obtain sight of an idol - தரிசி

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