Quantity meaning in tamil

வாசி to play on the lute, other musical instrument, to learn, horse மாத்திரம் measure, primitive, subtle, invisible type of visible elementary matter மட்டு standard, degree, size, proportion, amount, limit, extent, boundary மட்டம் evenness, flatness, rule, line, gauging rod, limit, extent மடங்கு to be shut, closed, folded as a knife or table, to be in flected பூகம் collection, multitude, kind of palm புஞ்சம் heap, certain number of threads பிரமாணம் measure, degree, limit, oath, solemn declaration, time measured by the revolution of a planet 1st the time from its rising to its setting பிண்டி to form into a mass, heap, lump or ball, to sum up, to abbreviate தொகுதி things, society, association, flock, herd, swarm, genus, aggregate துணை convoy attendant, aid, help, succor, support, resource, protection தனம் gold, wealth, substance, property, affirma tion, plus, <, nature சரியளவு correct standard, equal capacity, contents சமுதாயம் multi tude, assembly, society, association, collection, public சமன்கட்ட to make a like weight கதி move, proceed, to rise, be high, grow high, to be excessive கண்டாங்கி small matter, trifle, scantiness in measure, chequered kind of cloth worn by women அளவு degree, proportion, magnitude, size, ca pacity, bound, limit Online English to Tamil Dictionary : one wanting an organ of sense - பொறியிலி dividing or describing lines - கோடு acid drink to quench thirst - தாகப்புளி bereft of energy - . வேசாறு temporary delirium from the use of intoxicating liquors or drugs - இலகரி

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