Quarter meaning in tamil

புலம் rice field, sense, power or faculty of any of the organs of sense புறம் part, face, surface, outside, backside, behind, back ground பால் 5, side, region, point of compass, part, portion, share, half நாடு inquire after, pursue, to desire earnestly, to examine, to investigate திசை region, point of the compass, direction, influence of a planet on one's life n. திக்கு to stammer, to err or hesitate in recitation, reading, region சரகம் beetle, region, district, place சந்துசந்தாய்த்துண்டிக்க dissect by joints கோ flowers, ola leaves, to file, to insert and draw as a string குளைச்சு கிழலை part, region, lower or lee side of a vessel, side on which the sail is hoisted இடை to recede, go out of one's way, to retreat as before a foe ஆசை attachment, strong inclination, avarice, lust, cupidity, concupiscence Usage of quarter 1. The European quarter covers a large area. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : superior woman - பெண்ணரசு to make the leg - கால்வாங்க to march in file - சோடாய்த்திரிய to be hot with indignation - . காந்து bottom of an arrow - குதை

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