Question meaning in tamil

வினா to ask, to inquire, without, except, besides, sagacity, prudence பிரசினம் inquiry, < துண்டி to sunder, sever, slice, to cut, piece, hack, mince, to tear up சீவனோடுகூடியகாரியம் matter connected with life, with a living being, thing of vital importance n. கேள்வி 1, hearing the sense of the act, asking, inquiry, solicitation கடா sheep, buffaloes, interrogation Usage of question 1. "The question would be useless.
2. I have asked the same question of several missionaries .
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : species of wild cat - காட்டுப்பூனை bamboo seed - வைஷ்ணவம் authors classing things to gether on account of some similarity among them - ஒப்பின்முடித்தல் workers in skin - குணுங்கர் secular knowledge - விக்கியானம்

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