Race meaning in tamil

வமிசம் lineage, < வங்கிசம் fa mily, lineage, descent, kindred பரம்பரம் lineage, tradition, < சாதி to persist in denying, affirming, to maintain firmly or tenaciously சரவடி family, line சரபடி family, line சந்தானம் progeny, issue, descent, lineage, family, pedigree, line, series சந்ததி offspring, progeny, issue, family, lineage, pedigree, generation as limited to a family or tribe கோத்திரம் caste, lineage, ancestry, parentage, class, genus, species n. கூட்டம் combination, meeting, union, contact, confluence, crowd, multitude குடும்பம் including the man, his wife, his sons and his sons' wives, relations குடி drunkenness, tip pling, to drink, to take drink, to in hale களத்திரம் family கத்தரை Usage of race 1. Perhaps we are the feminine race we have been called .
2. We took an interest in the race because Mr.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : without an idol - ஞானசபை bond or other document - பொய்ப்பத்திரம் to be nice to the taste - வாய்க்குச்சுசியாயிருக்க horns of the crescent moon - பிறைக்கோடு to lay a foundation for any building - அடிகோல

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