Radiance meaning in tamil

பிரபை brightness, lustre, sere nity, brightness or "glory" around the seat of an idol பிரகாசம் shining, splen dor, reflected light, lustre, sunshine, illustriousness n. பளபளப்பு corus cation, instre, that which is dazzling, florid, showy பரிதி periphery, chariot wheel, discus weapon, halo about the sun or moon பகல் as distinguished from night, day time, mid day, noon, light தாமம் cord, string, string to tie oxen together, flower, wreath, flower garland சோபம் handsomeness, lustre, splendor, <, fainting, swooning, drowsiness Online English to Tamil Dictionary : sign taurus of the zodiac - ஏறு come into being in great numbers - . செனி to accus tom ones self - சீலிக்க kind of collyrium used by magicians to drive away evil spirits from persons said to be pos sessed by them - பூதகலிக்கம் to expose to beasts of prey - நேர்காட்ட

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