Rain drops meaning in tamil

மழைத்துளி பெயல் தூவல் spilling, raining, globulse of water, fine rain, rain, painter's pencils made of cats hair துமி cut off, to sunder, sever, to drizzle, rain softly, ய, to be cut off தளி sacred shrine, lamp stand, drops of water, oil vessel of a lamp சிரகம் water pot, ewer சிதர் diffuse, light or sprinkling rain, driz zling sleet, pollen of flowers உறைத்துளி உறை biting, sharp, to burn as the body from exposure to the sun the mouth ஆலி cheerful, woman's female friend, scorpion, bee, row, range Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to drink up - சுவறக்குடிக்க cocoanut oil - தேங்காயெண்ணெய் red kind - வாழை good order - வசம் persons who have become dignified by the performance of austerities - தவமுனிவர்

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