Rain meaning in tamil

விருஷ்டி a. வான் ether, sky, visible hea vens, cloud, great, excellent, eminent வானம் seasoned wood, atmosphere, firmament, heaven, vana, water, one of the ornamental lines in a tower வருஷம் principal division of the known continent, < மேலாலம் மாரி destructive and contagious disease, evil goddess, sup posed to inflict the small pox மழை cloud, water, coolness, abundance, plenty பெயல் rain drops பெயலை படல் thorns, not of boards, kind of hurdle, wattled flame, used for folding cattle தூவல் spilling, raining, globulse of water, rain drops, fine rain துளி fall in drops, as rain, tears, honey, to trickle down, to rain திவ்வியோதகம் தட்டி board, slab, indian tatty, screen from the sun, hot wind made of bambu சோரி shower, blood n. சொரி to shoot down as corn from a sack, sand from a cart, to scatter சீகரம் thin rain, drizzling rain, scattered drops of water, ripple சிதறி n. காலு to vomit, disgorge, to shoot forth as rays, ears of corn, to discharge as clouds n. காந்து give out lustre, emit rays, to be scorched, singed, reduced to a cinder கனரசம் water n. ஒறு suppress, subject, restrain the senses, desires, to mortify the body n. ஏந்து support, hold up, to carry in the hand as a weapon, to endure ஊட்டி food of birds, throat உறை biting, sharp, to burn as the body from exposure to the sun the mouth உதகம் small drops of rain இளகு abate, become pliable, flexible, to lessen in intensity or seve rity as wind இந்திரன் king of the devas or genii who inhabit swerga, lord of the clouds ஆலி cheerful, woman's female friend, scorpion, bee, row, range ஆலம் blossom, blown flower, battle axe, banian tree which throws down roots from the branches ஆர்கலி ocean Online English to Tamil Dictionary : thing of weight - பொருட்டு to put to the hand - கைவைக்க devouring - . பட்சிப்பு overbearing - மடக்கடி to become too tall - . நெடுகு

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