Raise meaning in tamil

a. நிறுவு erect, set upright, to establish, fix, settle, found, plant a. நிறுத்து erect, plant, to cause to stand, to stop a person, animal, thing தூக்கு lift up, take up, hold up, to weigh, to balance, to hang, as a criminal a. எடு lift up, to take off, take away, extract, take out, remove a stain உயிர்ப்பிக்க restore to life, to revive, reani mate, resuscitate Online English to Tamil Dictionary : dhoney or junk - சோங்கு kind of timber - சங்காமரம் as far as the hole through which it is filed - காது juvenile government - சிசுநாயகம் mountain rivulet - கொடும்பை

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