Rank meaning in tamil

முந்து to take precedence, precede, to pass before, take the lead பவுஞ்சு file, battle, array, army, troops பராபரி பந்தி to bind, to fasten, to confine, to connect, to incarcerate the soul பத்தி faith, service, worship, love, affection, devotion, attachment பதவி path way, station or situation, degree, wealth, felicity, any of the inferior heavens or states of bliss short of absorption a. படு otherwise, to roost as birds, to thresh grain, to pave, to floor படி to recite, to learn, to study, to repeat in order, to commit to memory n. நிலையறிதல் character or principles நிலைமை property, charac ter, condition, state of affairs, state of one's feelings நிரை classify, put, set, place in rows, columns, series, to regulate நடுக்குடி as being safer than if alone, family of midding circum stances தோகை plumage, tail, peacock, front, border, end of the skirt of a cloth தரவ் 2 தன்னொழுக்கம் caste, religion சேட்டம் eminence, superi ority, seniority, luxuriance of growth, blooming as the countenance சிறுத்துப்போக short, 2, to fail in character, degenerate, to be inferior to another in wealth சின்னவன் young man, man younger than another, man of inferior character கை harsh, astringent, unpleasant, to take amiss, to be piqued காடு thick, im penetrable brush wood, creeping plants and coarse கலந்துகட்டிப்பரிமாற 2 கணிசம்பார்க்க to conjecture, to weigh a thing in the hand, to be scrupulous or tena cious of one's own dignity ஒழுங்கு line, train, order, regularity, class, ganization, rule of action எடுத்தேற்றியாயிருக்க uneven, discrepant in size, character, to be irregular n. ஊசு join two, to become stale, sour, insipid, as food by keeping ஊசல் that which is stale, rancid, spoiled by age, swing, which see உலகாசாரம் customs, rites or duties to be per formed according to the country n. இயல்பு property, quality, natural or essential quality, instinct, genius இயல் be possible, to be incident to, be exposed, to agree, suit Online English to Tamil Dictionary : by an epidemic - உருள் to explain in order or detail - நிரைந்துகாட்ட outer court - புறங்கடை that it may take the dye - கொட்டுமரம் to make afraid - . இரி

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