Rareness meaning in tamil

n. தடவல் feeling, playing on a lute with a bow, scantiness, 4 சிறப்பு embellishment, pomp, parade, grandeur, eminence, superiority ஏகதேசம் scarceness, rare, extraordinary or prodigious oc currence, anomaly உச்சிதம் niceness, valuableness, choiceness, fitness, tribulus lanuginosus அருவம் formlessness, incorporealness a quality of the deity, scarceness அருமை scarceness, scantiness, preciousness, desirableness, pre eminence அருந்தல் dearness அருக்காணி pre ciousness, nobleness, shifts, reluctance to accommodate அரிது unattainableness, preciousness, greenness Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to take great care of - . பேணு involution of a sentence - திருகல்முறுகல் respectable - மாத்பர் to perforate or from holes as beetles in wood - குடை venereal swelling - அரையாப்பு

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