Sacred meaning in tamil

தேவதாசொரூபி holy divine person, one of special sanctity, female of eminent beauty a. திரு as the goddess of felicity, riches, wealth, riches, affluence சீ to tear up earth as birds, pigs, to rub or scrape with the foot either walking or standing சிரீ goddess of fortune, prefix to the names of deities, great persons கொடாதகொடை as to unworthy persons, being too valuable, to be given, scurrilous language Usage of sacred 1. Amritsar is their headquarters, their religious center and their sacred city.
2. Only two towns in India are more sacred than Muttra.
Online English to Tamil Dictionary : imitation - பாவனை to be in great straits - . தத்தளி one who is as a lion to other kings - பரராசசிங்கம் crushed down on one side - . சழி mans look of hair - பங்கி

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