Safe guard meaning in tamil

துணை convoy attendant, aid, help, succor, support, resource, protection தட்டி board, slab, indian tatty, screen from the sun, rain, hot wind made of bambu n. செயல் operations of the deity, course of good conduct, guard, defence சிறை slave, captivity, slavery, bondage, incarceration, guard, defence n. ஏமாப்பு self conceit, insolence, elation, exhileration, spiritual joy ஏமம் wealth, delight, enjoyment, grati fication, fascination, stupor Online English to Tamil Dictionary : hilly fo rest - அடவி man of the third caste among the hindus - வைசியன் rose water - பன்னீர் arum macrorhizon - வெருகு martial courage - பராக்கிரமம்

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