Salt pans meaning in tamil

n. காயல் mouth of an ebbing brook கானல் which in some places is mis taken by the thirsty traveller a. கழி expel, cast off, discard, exclude, dislodge, remove, strip off உவளகம் zenana, interior part of a mansion appropriated to women, surrounding wall உவர்க்களம் land where salt is formed, brack ish land உப்பளம் brackish land அளம் salt works, place where salt is formed, maritime district, one of the five kinds of land Online English to Tamil Dictionary : small mortars fastened upon a pole - இடிகொம்பு musical instrument played with the mouth - முகவீணை state not interfered with by other states - பிரத்தியேகராச்சியம் ait - ஆற்றிடைக்குறை to pass the right stage - பதனழிய

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