Salt meaning in tamil

நருவியுப்பு சுரம் febrile symptoms, any of the seven tones of the gamut, kind of flourish in the tune forming a symphony or interlude at the end of each line of a stanza சிந்துரத்தம் சரவாச்சம் க்ஷாரம் n. கசிவு greasiness, moisture as of land, sugar, furniture, tenderness n. கசி to grow moist, to ooze out as moisture from a wall, to spread or extend as hu midity round a well உவர் loathing, to taste salt or brackish, to taste harsh, astringent உப்பு bloat, puff up as the belly by wind, indigestion, to rise as leaven இலவணம் saltness Online English to Tamil Dictionary : of animals - கோலாகலம் are supposed to produce disgust - நச்சுத்தானம் sita the wife of rama - பூமிசம்பவை boiled rice for the poor - பிச்சைச்சாதம் to pitch - கீல்பூச

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