Salvation meaning in tamil

நிஸ்தாரம் கரையேற்றம் rescue, deliverance, either from temporal, eternal evils, attainment of a desired good கடைத்தேற்றம் n. உய்வு prosperity, felicity, bliss, living, life as spoken auspiciously n. இரட்சிப்பு protecting, saving, conferring eternal bliss இரட்சகம் protection, deliverance from evil, carrying forward the operations of evolved nature Online English to Tamil Dictionary : purity of heart - மனநிறை to have fellowship with - . பரிசி strong illu sive darkness that came out of the parched ground - முதல் slough off as a snakes skin - கழல் quickness of invention - சுளுகு

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