Take food meaning in tamil

a. நுகர் feed, to swallow, to experience the fruits of actions, to enjoy or suffer n. துறுவு to be crowded, close, thick, துறு press or crowd into a bag or box, to cram food into the mouth து make a meal, to enjoy by means of the senses, to experience pleasure or pain ஆர் to bind, tie, 3, to cause to join, unite, knit, to give food a. அருந்து betel nut, to enjoy, experience either good or evil, pleasure or pain அயில் taking food, to cat, drink, sharpness, keenness, javelin, steel Online English to Tamil Dictionary : to dart an arrow - கணையுந்த commonly made by kicking - சத்துமொத்து other good characteristics - குணங்குறியுள்ளவன் making circular - . மட்டிப்பு shouldered - இடிபட

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