Taking meaning in tamil

தெவு receiving n. கோள் having, receiving, seizing, influencing, columny, aspersion n. கோட்பு receiving n. கோடல் receiving, buying, bending, curving, breaking, snapping, white species of the gloriosa flower n. கொள்வனைகொடுப்பனை giving and receiving in marriage, receiving, buying, borrowing n. கொள்ளல் receiving, obtaining, buying n. கையேற்பு receiving, receiving alms at the threshing floor கிரகணம் grasping, seizure, taking up, eclipse, comprehension உருசி to be tasteful, be pleasant to the senses, to experience, enjoy Usage of taking 1. The truth is that they are taking their public schools too seriously. Online English to Tamil Dictionary : poor ryots - நாதார் ratan shields - தண்டை fuse - உருக்கு skin or fore part of the leg - முன்னங்கால் tendency in color - சாடை

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