Tallness meaning in tamil

n. வளர்த்தி growth, stature n. பரி carry, sustain, to preserve, to watch, to part, to break, to separate நெட்டை skeleton, crack of the finger joints நெடுமை extension, height of a person, tree, continuation, protraction நீள extension or duration, elongation, height, loftiness, light ஒஞ்சட்டை thinness, lankness, gauntness உன்னதம் elevation, loftiness, eminence, dignity, sublimity Online English to Tamil Dictionary : minister - யோகட்சேமம் mystical kind of figure emblematical of fire marked thus #x534d - சுவஸ்திகம் epithet of virabhadra as bearing a cruel bow - வெஞ்சிலைச்செல்வன் aggregate of twenty four - சதுர்விம்ஸகம் to perish as the foetus - கருவழிய

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